There are currently seven adults and four kids (and a big puppy) staying at my house. I love seeing family and all, but I'd prefer it in bite-size chunks.

I watched Bohemian Rhapsody last night. I thought it was good, but the Live Aid bit at the end was way too long. If you're gonna include their whole set, show me the actual thing! Not a bunch of guys play-acting it out in front of a CG audience.

Of all the urban exploration YouTubers out there, I'm most worried about Matt Sonswa. That kid seems to have very little concern for personal safety. Or maybe he's just really good at orchestrating his videos to make it appear that way. Either way, good stuff.

...and of course, after several accident-free months, the puppy diarrheas and pees all over the new carpet mere hours after it's installed. 😩 💩

The carpet replacement actually went off without a hitch. I have gained an iota of faith in humanity. That makes 3 iotas in total now.

I was hoping Nintendo would announce Animal Crossing today so I could feed my hunger for brainless, monotonous daily gaming until the new Pokemon comes out.

My wife said my jeans look "frumpy" on me. I don't exactly know what that means, but maybe I'll get adventurous with my next pair and try some 511s instead of the usual 514s.

Having all of the carpet in my house replaced tomorrow. I'm skeptical that it will all go smoothly.

I started watching this guy named Chubbyemu on YouTube... he presents various medical case studies that are sure to give me horrible nightmares of my own unavoidable demise for many nights to come.

Mulholland Drive left me thoroughly titillated and utterly confused.

Binging Pen15 on Hulu. It's so stupid and yet I love it so much.

Going to watch Mulholland Drive today. I haven't seen it before but from everything I know about it I'm expecting to love it and question all of my life choices that led me to not watching it a long, long time ago.

I am pretty sure there are more squads than just your own in each round of Apex Legends. I've never managed to spot one before I get obliterated within the first 3 minutes of the game though.

I can't decide if Spotify buying Gimlet Media signals the end of the Golden Age of Podcasts, or if it already ended a long time ago when all the 10 minute ad reads for the same damn companies started cropping up.

So I fought the first two opponents in Knockout League and felt like I was going to faint. I'm so out of shape.

I've been using Mint for ages now, since before they changed their name from Mintsim. They're getting too big for their britches with this superbowl chunky milk nonsense. Gotta find a new MVNO that nobody's heard of if I want to keep my mobile hipster street cred.

Worked on side projects more than I wanted to. Now I gotta steel myself for a week of more programming without my usual weekend respite.

Salads, ranked in order of greatness:
1. Taco
2. Caesar, with anchovies on
3. Caesar, without anchovies on
99. All other salads

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