I have like 10 different devices, including my friggin' watch, that can emulate every game for every gaming system that I dreamed of playing as a kid. Why is it that we only ever attain what we dream of by the time we're too old to actually care anymore?

Is the default joinmastodon.org address that populates the Relays form an actual functioning relay? And what does a relay's "approval" involve?

I felt absolutely no emotional attachment to the companion cube whatsoever.

What's the world record for simultaneous eggs fried without breaking the yolks? If it's less than 2 you're lookin' at the new champ as of this morning!

Is having a sub-five-million ICQ login ID still impressive with the kids today?

I miss the days when my phone was just a phone, my music was on an iPod, video conferencing was measured in frames per minute, and I wasn't constantly on the verge of being mentally and physically crushed by the overwhelming weight of parenthood.

Today I reached 140% of my daily writing goal; achieved my daily steps goal, thank you Beat Saber; and exceeded my daily calorie goal by an embarassing amount (again, damn it). So now it's time for the most important goal of all... watch as much mind-numbingly fluffy anime as I can before passing out for the night.

Kids have the day off school... guess that means I'll be working at the office today.

How have bidets not become a thing in America? I don't really mean the European kind where it's like a low sink next to the toilet, but the kind where you get a button on the toilet to push and never have to wipe ever again. We're so lazy here with everything else you'd think we'd be pioneering that kind of thing. Maybe the TP lobby is too powerful in Washington.

I don't understand why more people my age don't remember Duckman.

Waiting for it to stop raining in BOTW so I can climb the rest of this cliff that I already wasted half my stamina food on.

A few months ago I stopped at a Shell station and used their old janky-looking air pump station to fill my tires. Paid with credit card.

Later that same day I hopped on Amazon to check the status of a package I was waiting for, and ALL of the recommended products they showed me were various tire pressure gauges and air compressors.

I'm usually very paranoid and cynical about corporations' ability to track our behavior and activity, but even I didn't see that one coming.

Ok, maybe it's not selinux issues for a change. Uploading images through the web interface works... might actually be a bug in Tusky.

Can't upload pics, probably some selinix nonsense I have to fix. You'll just have to take my word for it that the world's cutest puppy is bugging the crap outta me right now because it's time for her walk.

If you think opening curly braces shouldn't be on their own line then I challenge you to a duel.

All I have to say is, who the hell runs rolling release linux distros in production? I mean besides me before I thought through what a terrible, terrible idea that is.


I thought I had it bad when my kids racked up $300 in Roblox on the xbox. I can't even imagine what I would do if I got slapped with a bill for $6.5K. And the way the Facebook employees talk about an underage girl as a "whale" is (while not really surprising) totally despicable.

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