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It's super useful that spam callers always spoof numbers from your own area code, since I know literally no one with the same area code as me. Turns out it pays to be friendless!

I've had to switch context back and forth between two different projects like 20 times today. Nothing is more mentally exhausting.

I like to play Ark Survival Evolved in single player mode with all the game physics adjusted to make me an invincible super human.

Tonight's experiment: how much whisky does it take to make me start failing expert mode songs in Beat Saber.

The results: not much. Not much at all.

I want to be a kendama wizard like the kids I've seen on Youtube. I have a strong suspicion that will never happen though.

A while ago I had a catheter ablation operation to correct a problem in my heart that would cause regular episodes of tachycardia since I was a kid. Prior to the operation, I almost never drank alcohol or caffeine since those were tachycardia triggers. Now that it's fixed, I'm free to become a raging alcoholic who guzzles coffee all day long with absolutely no negative consequences whatsoever, right? Modern medicine is sweet!

I didn't realize Avantasia kept putting out new albums after the metal opera ones. Discovering this is like five christmases and birthdays all smushed into one gigantic, delicious tiramisu of power metal awesomeness.

Jimmy Johns forgot my chips again. I always feel too bad to point it out and have the guy drive all the way back to JJs and then back to my house, burning all that fuel for a lousy $2 bag of junk I shouldn't be eating anyway.

i want a new duck
one that won't try to bite
one that won't chew a hole in my socks
one that won't quack all night

I hate when I tell myself I'm going to lay down for 20 minutes and then wake up 5 hours later. Well, I guess I also kinda like it.

I don't understand why so many people are expecting Fallout 76 to get better. Bethesda would be better off lighting their money on fire than throwing it at a game that already has that much terrible press.

I'm scared to use bluetooth headphones at work in case they run out of batteries and my phone suddenly starts blasting My Dad Wrote a Porno on loudspeaker.

According to my wife, _I'm_ the weird one for thinking canned/bottled soda is superior to fountain drinks. What??

I've already played like 90% of the Nintendo Switch library on other platforms.


the dog after she poops: leave me alone i'm sleepy now

I wrote a SASS Android app that is fairly well recieved and is basically paying its own hosting costs through user subscriptions. I know I could scale it quite nicely by also creating web and iOS clients... But damn, the only thing I hate more than building web apps is building iOS apps. Dunno if I have it in me.

I have like 10 different devices, including my friggin' watch, that can emulate every game for every gaming system that I dreamed of playing as a kid. Why is it that we only ever attain what we dream of by the time we're too old to actually care anymore?

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